2 Things to Look at to Identify Authentic Vintage Embroidered Patches from Replicas

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If you are a patch collector, then you already probably know the value of collectible space embroidered patches, particularly the very rare ones that hardcore collectors are willing to pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars apiece. Because of this, it is clearly important for a patch collector to be able to determine the genuineness of the patches he has on hand and those that are being offered to him by a seller.
It is important to note that there is no real foolproof method as of yet on how to identify vintage patches from replicas and fantasy patches. The safest way to do this is by looking for clues and signs on the patch that will help you tell if it was reproduced during the time that the seller or owner claims it to be.
When a collector is being presented with a patch that is supposedly dating back from the Mercury, Gemini or Apollo era, the first thing to look at is the coating on the reverse side of the patch. 
At the time when the Apollo era has ended with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975, and just before the Shuttle era began with the Approach and Landing Tests in 1977, the official supplier of NASA’s embroidered patches has just introduced the use of wax and plastic backings on their products.
Because of this fortunate timing, it can be concluded that patches produced during the pre-Shuttle era have bare cloth backings. One known exception is the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project crew patches that bear the ASTP initials. This appears to be the first batch of space patches that were produced with plastic backings. Other than this, there are no known space patches during the Apollo era and the eras before it that were produced with wax or plastic on the reverse.
It is important to note however that the reverse of this rule isn’t always true. That is to say that not all patches with a bare cloth back are necessarily genuine vintage patches from the pre-Shuttle era. An example to prove this is Randy Hunt’s replica patches, which he intentionally produced with bare backs to make them appear like they were authentic vintages.
Twill Types
The style of twill used over the years has changed with the developments in the embroidery industry. This makes it easier to weed out replicas from vintage embroidered patches with exposed twill backings that were produced in the pre-Shuttle era.
Twill cloths that are used in modern times consist of intersecting single threads overlain to form a fine grid. Vintage twill style shows a more rope-like character in its multi-strand threads. In the sample below, you will find a vintage twill patch on the lower left side placed over a modern replica on the right side. 
While it is very hard to source vintage-style twill cloths to produce modern replicas and fantasy patches, be aware that this is still possible. Therefore, just as with bare cloth backings, the fact that no authentic vintages use modern-style twill cloths doesn’t guarantee that the reverse is always true. This means that the presence of old-style twill does not automatically guarantee that a patch was manufactured in the pre-Shuttle era.
It is true that these two indicators do not hold any certain guarantees. Some individuals like the notorious Randy Hunt who hold knowledge on these things can still produce rip-offs that can easily pass as authentic vintages. However, it is always good to know about these things to make it easier for you to eliminate the more obvious modern replicas. Afterwards, you may then consult with the experts who can help you identify the true value of embroidered patches presented to you.

Audience Analysis for a Motivational Speaker: Different Audience Types

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One of the keys to being an excellent motivational speaker is ensuring you keep your audience engaged. As you will see, this is not simply about being able to add humor to your speech or being able to be on friendly terms with your audience, although having a humorous and friendly personality can be a big advantage.

Remember, however, that comedians are not necessarily good speakers, while on the other hand it will be easier for motivational speakers to crack good jokes when they feel the need to. The point being: since the audience is your biggest concern, you have to make sure you do your homework well. There are five audience types, which will be discussed in this article.

First, you might have a neutral audience. While this might sound better than a hostile audience, remember that it might take extra effort for you as a motivational speaker to engage this type. Generally, they are indifferent or uninvolved in the topic you will be discussing. In terms of contentious issues, they might be fence-sitters at the moment (that is, with no definite position yet). It will be your job to make sure they are given relevant background information on the topic. Additionally, you will have to make the topic more relatable for your audience to connect and retain the information.

Second, and in relation to the first type, you might have in your hands an uninformed audience. Audience members might have no idea at all as to what you are talking about. While this places a big burden on you as a motivational speaker in terms of enlightening your audience, it also gives you considerable amount of room to discuss the topic. Just keep in mind that you would not want to unload and pepper your audience with too much information all at once. Similar to the previous type, you have to make the information is relatable and easily accessible to your audience, for maximum retention.

Next, you might have a hostile audience. Obviously, this means your audience is opposed to your topic (and sometimes even to you, by extension). This means audience members might be unwilling to hear your message. Remember, however, that it is not your job to make everyone agree with you. Some types of audience will always have hostile members, so don’t worry too much about it. Simply keep in mind that your job as a speaker would be to listen and understand the opposite point of view while respectfully defending your own. Just stay polite and rational.

Fourth, you might encounter an expert audience. They are well-informed on the subject, and they will most probably have formed opinions on it already. Consequently, you need to double check the information you wish to present to ensure that it is accurate and relevant. Do your homework by gathering enough information about the topic you need to discuss. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the subject. A good motivational speaker enjoys speaking to this type of audience because their attention can be easily grabbed, thereby ensuring substantial and fruitful discussions.

Fifth, and lastly, you might encounter a business audience. While this type’s knowledge on the subject is often variable, the key thing to remember is that they do not have time to spare on unnecessary details and lengthy background discussions. As a motivational speaker, your job is to go directly to the point and keep your discussion streamlined. Avoid unnecessary stories or illustrations. You have a no-nonsense, sleeves-all-rolled-up audience, so make sure you match the content of your discussion with your authoritative demeanor, as the speaker of the event.

Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Tips: How to Delay a Foreclosure

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Even with the hard financial times, when most homeowners would have given up their homes to ease their obligations and lessen their worries, letting go of a house that provides security and safety to your family is not an easy thing to do. As much as possible, you will want to hold on to it, especially when you know that there is a good chance that you can bounce back and be financially capable of paying your mortgage. Fortunately, there are ways for you to delay a foreclosure and here are some tips that a good Long Island foreclosure attorney has to recommend to you.

Find Means to Pay the Mortgage

If you have lost your regular job and are now relying on the low wage you get from part time work, you can always opt to rent out a room in your home for some extra income. This does not necessarily have to be a permanent set up. A little sacrifice can help you afloat while you try to find a better job.

Get in Touch with Your Lender

Do not wait until you have missed a couple of payments before you approach your bank or lender. There is a good chance that a foreclosure notice will reach you first before you make your move. Once you become delayed in your payment for a month, contact your lender right away and negotiate on a restructuring or refinancing. Once your lender sees your initiative, they may be more forgiving of your lenience and arrange for a deal with you. For a more effective negotiation, you may already hire a Long Island foreclosure attorney to represent you in this process.

File a Motion for Dismissal

Your Long Island foreclosure attorney can file for a motion of dismissal of the foreclosure if he sees any irregularities on the manner that it was conducted. He may also find some technicalities, like missing documents or improper computation of debt, and make it as a ground to dismiss the case. Normally, the homeowner’s lawyer can file this motion for up to thirty days after the notice was received. Although some good attorneys are able to ask for extension, thus further delaying the foreclosure.

Delay the Filing of Papers

One strategy that you and your Long Island foreclosure attorney can do is to submit the required documents on the last day or on the deadline. This means that you will be stretching the foreclosure process as much as you can. The purpose here is to give you time to recover in your finances while the foreclosure proceeding is in process, which can then be used by your lawyer to win your case, considering that by the time the foreclosure is heard in court, you will already be financially capable to pay off your debts.

Challenge and Plead

With the help of a lawyer, you can always challenge the foreclosure in a legal manner. Your attorney can also always approach the judge to plead in your behalf. There is nothing wrong in doing these as long as you do it in a manner that is within the law and to ensure that, you need a foreclosure lawyer to do this for you.

File for Bankruptcy

If all else fails, you may be cornered to file a bankruptcy. A bankruptcy case also takes time and during that period you can be allowed to stay in your home without pay. This gives you a chance save enough money for your future rent. The downside is, filing for bankruptcy can bring down your credit score, making it difficult for you to acquire a new loan in the future.
The point of delaying a foreclosure is to give you time to recover financially and face your liabilities. At the moment, a foreclosure process can take up to two years to finish, but you can stretch it to 3 years. That can be ample time for you to make some good changes in your finances.

Enhance Your Business Promotion with Custom Lanyards

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A custom lanyard can be a great asset for promotion of your company. This is going to be one of the most cheaply and wonderful marketing item for promotion of your brand or business. If you are still not aware with these custom lanyards then there are loads of advantages that make them perfect for the campaign. Lanyards are usually straps that are used to hold keys, cards and wallets. It is also well-known for being used as an I card.

Why You Have To Choose Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are becoming more popular and important every year. They also need to keep valuable information of every employee or student. Lanyards are always better than a badge with safety pin or clip. Whether the lanyards are used by students or employees, it can be the most comfortable and secure for everybody.

custom lanyardsThe lanyards are also a necessity for some people and it is another way to express marketing styles and strategies. It uses for functional purposes but it can be stylish and vibrant, too. They can be completely customized. The concept of customization begins with the type of material that you want to use. Cotton and polyester are the two popular fabrics that are used most commonly in lanyards. These are typically worn around your neck. It carries the name clasp, pass and photo identifications. However, lanyards are compulsory for working people. If you wear lanyards everyday then you can turn these lanyards into customized accessory. Choose the lanyards with the theme of your business or brand.

Styles in Lanyards

This is your choice what kind of color you select for your customized lanyards. You can also write something valuable on lanyards among number of different fonts and styles. Go for the theme and type of your business and brand. People do believe that lanyards can do hardly for their business’s promotion but the truth is custom lanyards are one of the most cheap marketing item for your brand. There are loads of styles in lanyards including key ring, bulldog clip, j-hook etc. It can be used by everybody and suits every group of people. Storage can be quite easy with these promotional items. They come in various styles including beaded and braided and in a variety of colors. It depends on you what kind of lanyards you pick according to your theme and budget of your business. With a wide variety of custom and classic lanyards are available. Custom lanyards often printed with brand’s logo or name and colorful company’s name can also print on the strap and making your company’s unique style statement. Apart from styles, it is functional in every aspect.

The custom lanyards are available at competitive price across the worldwide. No matter what is the budget of your business or company, whether you are initial stage of your business or quite successful in it but there is always room for reasonable custom lanyards. This is an ideal promotional gift for your business. You can order custom lanyards from online stores, there are plenty of varieties and colors are over there.

If you are looking for printed, embroidered or dye lanyards then you can choose them from online store at a very competitive price.

Types of Lanyards

•Beaded Lanyards

•Personalized lanyards

•Shoe-lace Lanyards

•Eco- lanyards

There are loads of promotional offers and items for your company but you will find that lanyards can beat all of them. Yes, it is true! If you still have not thought about custom lanyards for your company then go for it now. It tends to offer completely customization, suits everybody and will fit every pocket.

How A SEO Firm Will Take Your Competitor's Strategy and Recreate It

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Competition amongst search engine marketing is at an all-time high. Whether you are in a niche that is relatively small, or you are in an industry that is enormous, you will find that there are a variety of issues that are going to cause you to think twice about going the DIY route in regards to your marketing protocol. Sure, there are some companies that may be able to move forward with this notion on a variety of levels, but if you want to gain access to a far better solution moving forward, you will need to look into the process of hiring a SEO firm to engage with the future. There’s just so much to look into, and not all of it is going to allow you to make the best out of your site’s reach.

When you hire a SEO firm they are going to take your site and compare it to the sites around your industry. They are going to pull information from places that you may not have thought of before, and will completely change the way you see marketing on a grand scale. This sort of audit is absolutely compelling and important to move forward with. Without utilizing the framework of full scale informational studies and design, you will not be able to compete with companies head to head, especially those that have a big marketing team supporting them. As a result, you may want to know how a firm can change the way you see your site and the way it is seen on search engines today.

Building The Right Type of Website

First and foremost, your site may be already built, but it may not be helping you get indexed within search engines. A firm will look to see what pieces are missing, if anything, and will create a plan to highlight the pages that aren’t getting fed with the right kind of traffic. This is something that most people don’t really understand completely. It’s hard to really get to the bounty of the options that are available within the framework of just topical solutions. A firm will get to the bottom of your site and tell you whether or not the code needs sprucing up, or images need alt and title tags, as well as a grand variety of other options moving forward. This is just the beginning, because a full optimization suite will not just get on your site, they’ll focus on others too. Visit URL to know more.

The Competitor’s Edge

The competition that you have in your niche may be pulling in the same audience that you want to market to. If they are completely taking over your industry with their website, then you will find the need to take their best work and reinvent it. In some ways a firm will create similar things, but they’ll find ways to trump it. There are standards that are placed within the world of SEO and it’s something that most people don’t really think about until they fully grasp the concepts that abound within the world of SEO, internet marketing, and content design. You will not be able to succeed within one realm of these things without working on the others. It’s something that is a misnomer and definitely something that you’ll want to figure out. A professional will be able to gauge the success of campaigns that competitors are putting into action and will give you the right tools to trump them, but within the scope of proper implementation and design elements.

Generating Traffic

As stated above, there are several different elements that your competition is working on. They are going to be trying to generate traffic from the very same audience that you’re working on right now. If that’s the case, you will want to divert the hits that they are getting and getting pushed forward within the world of your niche. That means that you will need to see how they are working and then do it better. This is not unethical, as that’s exactly what inventors do all the time. Inventors process what is already in the market place, and they tinker and focus on rebuilding it. They create a whole new realm of thinking and implementation as a result of their work. It’s something that most people don’t realize and something that you can definitely move forward with.

Traffic generation is something that takes on a whole new meaning when you hire a SEO firm. They will focus on usurping traffic that used to go one way, and push it in your direction. It’s something that most people don’t realize can be done, until they hire a professional service to get it going. Once you have a professional on your side, you will see the numbers rise and create an incredible push forward, and something that will definitely be great for your site on a lot of levels.

If you remember nothing else from the aforementioned, remember that hiring a firm takes time and will require you to look around a bit online. Do not hire the first person that you see, and don’t miss out on the greater good that can come from being patient with this important decision for your business.

Different Manufacturing Processes of Custom Trading Pins

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Custom trading pins are well-known for their diversity. They can be customized in numerous ways, making it possible to produce a myriad number of possible designs. This high level of variety is one reason for their massive popularity among the general public. In fact, thousands of people have turned to collecting trading pins as a hobby, buying, selling and exchanging pins with fellow enthusiasts.

Part of their uniqueness comes from the diverse methods used to manufacture them. Different production processes produce different types of pins. Five of the most common are the following, named after the materials and processes used to create them:

1)Cloisonné (Hard Enamel) Pins

2)Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins

3)Etched Soft Enamel Pins

4)Die Struck Pins

5)Printed Pins

Other types of custom trading pins, such as 3D cast pins, are available but less common, since they cost more and require more complicated machinery.In all types of pins, a metal is first chosen as the substrate of the pin. The metal should be sufficiently strong to resist any rough handling that the pins may encounter. Preferably, the metal should also be resistant to corrosion, lightweight and cheap. Typically, iron, copper, and brass are used by manufacturers, although the production process to be used must also be put into consideration when choosing the metal substrate. For example, processes involving dies or molds require a softer metal such as brass to be used.

In making cloisonné pins, a specialized die is used to press the design on the surface of a sheet of metal. After the metal sheet is cut and trimmed into the shape of the pin, a material called frit is applied to the depressions left on the metal surface. Frit is composed of powdered glass and various pigments suspended in a paste substrate.

The pins are them fired, or baked, at temperatures near 1000 °C to harden the frit mixture. After firing, the pins are then polished, and exposed metal surfaces are electroplated with another metal to change its appearance and provide protection. Custom trading pins made using this method are thicker and more expensive than other pins but do not require a protective epoxy layer.

In the production of die struck soft enamel pins, dies are also used to create cavities on the surface of the metal, but soft enamel is used in place of frit. The pins are exposed to lower temperatures than those used for creating cloisonné pins. After the firing process, the pins are polished and electroplated. Unlike cloisonné pins, die struck soft pins are coated with an epoxy layer to protect the delicate enamel layer from scratches.

Meanwhile, the production process of etched soft enamel pins are similar to the process used to create die struck soft enamel pins, except that chemical etching is used to create the depressions to be filled with enamel. This process produces thinner pins capable of accompanying larger designs which would be unsuitable for other types of custom trading pins. The process is also less expensive than other enamel methods.

Die struck pins, on the other hand, skip the enamel step and instead rely on more complicated dies to create a pattern on the pins. Since no additional colors are applied, this technique works best with more complex designs.

Finally printed pins are an excellent choice for complex, colored patterns. During the manufacturing process, various inks are applied directly to the pin surface using either silkscreen or offset procedures. An epoxy layer is then applied to protect the ink from wear. Although the designs look flatter than those in other pins, more colors and designs can be accommodated by this process.

Despite the process chosen by manufacturers, precision and careful handling are still required to produce high-quality custom trading pins worthy of being sought after by avid collectors.

Uses for Custom Silicon Wristbands

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Our generation is very lucky because today we are free to express our thoughts and feelings. For example we can say thank you or sorry in our own peculiar way. We can choose to express ourselves through words, gestures or objects without the fear of breaking tradition. Also since everybody is free to express his feelings in his own way people today are not fearful of being rejected.

Recently wearing wristbands made from silicon has gained a certain degree of popularity which is credited to the Lance Armstrong Foundation?s ?Livestrong? bracelet. Since then, more and more people have been wearing it but mostly as an accessory although there is more to this wristband than just that.

Custom silicon wristbands for birthday giveaways

Wristbands made of silicon may be customized and made into birthday giveaways. It does not really matter how old the celebrant and the guests are because these wristbands may come in different colors and designs. So you can have pink wristbands made for female guests and the common blue wristbands for the male guests. Details such as names and dates may also be placed on the wristbands upon request.

Custom silicon wristbandsfor event memorabilia

Custom silicon wristbands

As mentioned above, Lance Armstrong?s Foundation used a similar wristband for a charity event and you may too. Let?s say you want to raise fundsfor a certain charity event you may use these wristbands to give to those who have joined and contributed to the event?s success. The wristband may serve as a remembrance for those who joined. These wristbands may also be given as tokens on social events. Since these happenings are rampant it will save you more to use these customized silicon wristbands rather than using other materials that are costly.

Custom silicon wristbands for identification

These customized wristbands may also be used for identification. For example you are organizing a concert it is easier to identify your crew and assistants with silicon wristbands. And because these can be made glow in the dark it can be easily seen even when the lights are turned off.And it does not end there. You may use these wristbands for different happenings.

Activities in schools may also require the use of these wristbands. For example you are holding quiz bee?s and club meetings, you may use wristbands with various colors and designs to distinguish one club member form the other.

Custom silicon wristbands for wedding invitations

Wouldn?t it be cool to use these wristbands for wedding invitations? There is nothing wrong in breaking tradition and expressing yourself so why not send out wristbands with the date of your wedding on it? It will be a surprising but interesting idea.The wristbands may also serve as a token for your guests at the wedding.

Custom silicon wristbandsfor advertisement and other marketing strategies

Since these wristbands can be colorful and have various designs on it you may also choose to use them for advertisement and marketing a product or service. This will be a very attractive way of introducing a new product or re-introducing one. You may use it in replacement of brochures and ads written on paper.For example you are opening a new store you may give out these wristbands to inform people of it. Since these wristbands are visible it will inform other people about your advertisement.

The use of customized silicon wristbands is endless. It only depends on ones imagination to find ways to make it more than just a bracelet. The above examples are just a few suggestions but if you really think hard you may give these wristbands a new purpose which will benefit you in more ways than one.


Reasons why Academic Institutions Should Use and Produce Custom Challenge Coins

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Challenge coins are primarily used in the military. However, a lot of institutions are now using challenge coins as a token of appreciation to its outstanding members. In fact, it is a growing trend to use custom challenge coins as a way to reward performing students in a specific academic institution.

Many say that it is really difficult to be a student nowadays. Gone are the days when students can concentrate on their studies. In this age of internet and growing utilization of social networking sites, it is increasingly difficult to become a good and performing student. This is the reason why great performance in school or academy should be awarded.

Custom challenge coins have been used by military and police officers to reward those who are studying in military or police academy after completion of their training. Challenge coins are also used as a token to students of military academies.

Here are the reasons why academic institutions should use custom challenge coins:

1. Challenge coins can be a symbol of school pride – School pride is very important for students because it boosts their morale. When students are reminded how fortunate they are for being able to study in a good school, they become more motivated to do well in their studies. If you are a school administrator looking for creative ways to motivate and boost the morale of your students, it is a great idea to try using customized challenge coins.

2. Challenge coins can be used to reward good performance – Nothing motivates any person more than appreciation. To inspire and motivate your students to do better in their studies, you need to reward them. Challenge coins have been used in the military and other government organizations to reward good performance. You could give custom challenge coins to exemplary students. Challenge coins can be used to award students who are doing well in their studies, like the honor students or those who are on the dean’s list. Challenge coins can also be given to students who excel in arts, theatre, music, leadership, photography, calligraphy, foreign languages, computer programming, and thesis writing.

3. Challenge coins can be used as token for participation in a school activity – Challenge coins are great incentives for students who are going out of their way to organize, attend, and participate in extracurricular activities. Most students do not have free time because they have to balance school work and other distractions such as parties, social networking sites, television, and others. Nowadays, students would rather party or just browse Facebook rather than attend or participate in a school activity. Challenge coins can be a positive reinforcement that will encourage the students to organize and attend school activities that will eventually prepare them for life outside of the academic institution.

4. Challenge coins can be used as a token of membership – A school club can be a great venue for a student to socialize and learn a lot of things. One way to encourage the students to join a school club is to give challenge coins to recognize their membership. The charm of challenge coins is not in the design or the materials used In manufacturing these coins, it is the fact that you have to earn it. A challenge coin is a symbol of honor or affiliation with an elite club or team. Giving club members a special limited edition coin will make them feel appreciated and special. It will boost their morale and it will inspire them to participate in the activities and even encourage other students to join.

A good academic institution should be able to find fresh and creative ways to inspire the students to be more involved, to study harder, and to achieve more. Custom challenge coins can do wonders for your institution.

Tips to Help You Buy Quality yet Cheap Golf Clubs

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Playing golf requires you to have the right accessories, whether these are expensive or cheap golf clubs. It can help you perform well in your game especially if you are a beginner.

If you are starting in this sport and looking for a good set of clubs, here are some tips for you. These may be basic but it can help you acquire quality made yet cheap golf clubs.

cheap golf clubs1. Consider your height when shopping for golf clubs. An ideal golf club for you should be as long as the distance from your navel to the floor. This means that if you are tall, the standard sets are not ideal for you. The right club for your height will help you swing and use it more properly.

2. Try golf clubs before purchasing them. It is best to see if you will find the club comfortable or not. This will affect you swing.

3. Research which golf clubs are best to use. Having the best doesn’t mean it should be expensive. You can even find have clubs at a cheaper price. Ask your golfer friends what clubs they use. You can also get an idea by reading golf magazines and blogs. You can also research users review about a particular brand and golf club type. These are easily found on e-commerce websites that specializes in golf. Some sports blog, especially those who are concentrated on golf topics, offer these reviews.

Never take a pro-golfer’s advice. They might endorse rather than advice. Expect them to do this since they are most likely to have sponsors.

4. Consider your needs.

There is a wide array of golf clubs available in the market. As you shop you will surely encounter these and their different brands and prices. Determine, first, your needs as a golfer. If you are a beginner in this sport, then research which clubs are the best ones you can start with. The same goes if you are already aiming to be a professional golfer. Determine which clubs and accessories you need most. These will have to be more durable than before.

5. Prepare your budget.

A good set of golf clubs doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheap golf clubs is as good as the expensive ones, as long as you know what to look for. If you are in a tight budget, knowing the clubs you will need gives you an idea how much you should save. If you have enough money then you can buy expensive ones. You can also look for second hand golf club sets. These are cheaper, but you can expect it to be good quality.

6. Consider the season.

If you want to find cheap golf clubs, try checking out stores during golf’s off-season. They will offer golf clubs at a cheaper price. This is to clear out their shelves for new products.

During the off-season, the demand for new golf clubs and other accessories are low. You will find yourself with a wide array of choices and more room to move in the store.

7. Determine if you need to buy a set.

In case you are buying golf clubs one by one, but you may even consider buying a whole set instead. There are stores that offer golf club sets. Buying these can even be cheaper instead of buying clubs piece per piece.

If you want to perform well in your golf game, especially learn and develop your golfing skills fast, then you should have a good set of golf clubs and other accessories. These don’t have to be expensive. You can try cheap golf clubs instead especially if you are a beginner or in a tight budget. There are many ways for you to search cheaper alternatives without sacrificing the quality you need in your clubs. Know where, when, and how to find these great and affordable deals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Defense Attorneys in Salt Lake

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Whatever your reason for searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is best that you know the answers to the following:

What is a criminal attorney Salt Lake City?

This refers to a lawyer and/or law firm that specializes in criminal cases, from serious offenses, less serious offenses, to misdemeanours. It is important to note that a lawyer is limited to his bar admittance for specific states.

This means that a lawyer can only practice within a state that he/she has passed the bar exams on. In this regard, there are lawyers with multiple bar admissions and single bar admissions. At the very least you want to make sure that the criminal lawyer you hire, has a bar admission in the state of Utah.

What is a Criminal Defense lawyer?

These are private lawyers and firms. They are not employed by the government nor are they public prosecutors (at least not anymore). Usually they practice alone, with partners or via a multiple state law firm. As a general rule, a lawyer and/or firm can only participate in a criminal case, as criminal defense lawyers.

What is a specialization?

This is the particular type of crime that a lawyer and/or firm generally practice. For example, there are law firms and lawyers who mostly handle DUI or DWI cases. The same are criminal in nature but are only misdemeanours.

Others choose to practice defense on crimes against persons i.e. physical injury; and yet others specialize on crimes against chastity i.e. rape, or property i.e. robbery, etc.

Why should I hire a specialist law firm?

Realistically speaking, there are just too many laws, and complicated procedures, that no one lawyer can know them all. As such, some lawyers select one aspect of law and concentrate on that. This way, when a case is brought before them, they already know the basic procedures, and the general laws plus related jurisprudence to use. This saves a lot of time and makes the lawyer more effective at championing a cause.

Think of it this way: Do you want to hire a lawyer who will need more time to brush up on your case? Or do you prefer someone who has successfully defended the same cases, over and over again?

How much do criminal attorney Salt Lake City charge?

The answer depends on several realities. First you need to consider the experience of the lawyer and firm. The more experience and successful experience at that, the higher they charge. Second, it depends on the difficulty level of the case. A lawyer will charge less for a simple misdemeanour and more for a murder case. Third, is the average timeframe and the number of pleadings that the case averages, or is actually filed. The more time and more paperwork, the higher the fee.

The thing is, some law firms also consider the case presented and the income bracket of the potential client. An interesting case that can get the lawyer and/or firm a lot of media attention may even be done for free or a no win no fee basis. An indigent client maybe defended ?pro bono? or for free, as a public service, etc.

The Bottom Line

Consult as many criminal attorney Salt Lake Cityor firms as you want within your time frame. Visit their websites. Call them up, schedule a consultation, preferably a free one. Now choose the one that fits your needs and budget.


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